Sunday, October 3, 2010

Just an evening stroll to Burma...

The Thai-Burmese border is not even a half of a mile away from the home, so we took a little field trip yesterday and played and walked along the border. I still can't get over how much fun these kids are!

Starting our walk, this is a (harvested) cornfield right next to the home.

Chatook and some sort of yucky, muddy creature.

Such cuties...

They kept telling me this was fish... so maybe fish eggs? They found some crazy things.


There's some digging going on with a makeshift bulldozer- operated with a bucket- so the kids had fun playing on the mounds of dirt.

Nichi, Thana, Mumu, and I. You can't tell I've been roughing it for a week, can you?

Desioo with... a jaw bone?

Thana and a little old man we picked up along the way.

Shower time for some dirty, dirty boys!

Desioo on the swingset out in back of the home.

Popali, all dolled up.

Mumu and Sasa... these kids are all such hams =)

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