Friday, October 1, 2010

The kids took over my iPhone

The kids LOVE my iPhone, especially taking videos and pictures of each other with it. This is the work of the budding photographers...

Chatook and Nunu, two of the youngest kids.

Homework time! After dinner, they all take out their workbooks and do their work (without being told!). I love hearing them practicing three languages worth of homework, and I still can't get over how smart every one of them is! Or how great the older kids are when they help the younger kids (without complaining!).

A few of the older girls doing their homework together. These are three of the girls I've been sharing a mat and net with every night. You can see one of the mats on the floor here. Comfy, right?
These two are sisters, and they've got another younger sister at the home too.

I get to have a slumber party with these girls every night, which makes sleeping on the hard wood floor completely worth it. They're the 12 little Asian sisters that I never had =)

This is Monday, and god damn I've got such a soft spot for him.

Chatook is too young for school, so I stay home with her, Monday, and one other boy all day. She's another one that puts a smile on my face as soon as I see her, and this is why...

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