Sunday, December 5, 2010


After finishing my thesis a few months ago I pretty much swore off art for good. Now, after taking a few months to focus on other things and give myself a break, I've come to a conclusion: I think my problem was lack of purpose. Everything I was doing towards the end of college was just to do it. It was kind of like busy work. I needed to do it to graduate and I just did it for the grade. Since coming to Thailand, I've had the privilege of being exposed to so many new things- so many people, so many different ways of life. I've had some of the most amazing experiences imaginable. Every single moment I've spent here has made some sort of impact on me. I wish it wasn't such a cliche to say this, but there truly is inspiration around every corner. Whether it's watching my favorite street vendor cook my dinner or it's seeing a family of three eating an ear of corn as they ride down the street, somehow all on one bike. Whether it's my students or the indescribable sunset I watch from my balcony every night. Whether it's the amazing kids up at Future Light or the equally amazing people that run organizations like that... voluntarily. I feel so privileged and honored to have met the people I've met, seen the things I've seen, and done the things I've done. I think I might burst from sensory overload if I didn't do something with everything I've been experiencing, so I've started a personal project: people, places, and things that inspire me. No more of that commercial shit they taught me in school... the only point to that is to make money and these days, money is the least of my priorities. This project is for me.

I started with drawings of two of the kids up at Future Light. These two had a huge hand in shaping my experience there... neither of them would ever leave my side.

Yota: a little 4 year old cutie, who I somehow managed to make look like an old man.

Tantanso- 6 years old, barely speaks any English, but still one of the most loving people I have ever had the honor of spending time with.

My sincerest apologies for being a complete cheeseball.


  1. The drawings are incredible-like you! Your latest blog is soooo good! I read it twice, smiling all the time. I would say that you went away a wonderful young lady, and now you're a remarkable grown woman! You have changed so much since you left. . . As your grandmother, I'm so proud to say that you are my granddaughter. Love you, miss you lots.

  2. Great drawings, your so right in that "there truly is inspiration around every corner" Thailand has that affect on you :-)