Tuesday, December 21, 2010

International Day

Yesterday was International Day at school a.k.a. the best day of the year. The entire school (and I mean every single student AND teacher) got SO into it and everyone started preparing for it MONTHS ago. Each M5 and EP class set up a "booth" about a certain country. They all dressed in costumes relating to their classes' country and each booth had all sorts of activities and food from that culture. There were two big stages set up where the students performed songs, dances, or whatever they wanted to. International Day is kind of a day for the students to let loose and have fun, rather than be proper and conservative as is expected every other day of the year. One of the Thai teachers loaned me a traditional Thai outfit so I could be Thai for the day. The whole day was SO much fun... easily the most fun I've had in a LONG time. All I kept thinking all day was "only in Asia...". So now, I hope you're ready to be bombarded with photos!

Some of my EP students lined up for morning assembly. They do this every morning... it's where the homeroom teachers take attendance and a time for any announcements to be made. It's always so regimented and the students form a sea of blue uniforms, so it was really strange to see it this way!

Some teachers dressed up in Indian attire. Everyone definitely paid more attention to taking pictures during the announcements rather than listening...

One of the student teachers and two of her students... so cute! Students have VERY good relationships with their teachers here.

Two of my favorite students! L and Poomai from my 2/8 (non EP) class:

Boon, Great, and May- a few of my M1 EP students (I teach them art and these three are also in my photography club):

Two more M1 students who are also in my photography club. This is Junior and Guy... both of them are absolutely crazy!

Yet another of my M1 students: B. I know I should be more mature now that I'm a teacher and everything, but his last name is Pimpabut...

Guy being the wonderful photography student that she is!

This is Far (not paying any attention to me). She's another from M1 and definitely one of my best students.

The last of the M1 photos (for now). Just a few American cowboys hanging out in front of the Tower of Pisa...

The EP students did an awesome performance of a medley of songs from High School Musical. I felt like such a proud parent watching them... they did so well! These girls were a few of the cheerleaders:

A few Greek goddesses (from one of my M2 classes) touring Egypt...

And a few of the Egyptians, themselves! Who also happen to be some of my M2 students:

The main performance stage... these girls were insanely good! That girl in the middle is my idol.

Oh you know, Lady Gaga being interviewed by a French renaissance woman and Siamese royalty (maybe? I never did figure out what that guy on the right was dressed as)...

Two of the other teachers have two GIANT great danes. GIANT. I was too scared to sit at my desk when they had the dogs in the office because I was genuinely afraid of being eaten. Each one of them weighs a good amount more than I do (and keep in mind, I've gained a lot of weight!) and standing on all fours they almost come up to my shoulders!!

A few of the "booths" set up. And I put booths in quotes because clearly, these are a BIT more elaborate than measly booths.

A zebra from South Africa:

One of my EP students intently watching the brutal beating of the pinata that would not break...

Meet Bonus, one of my favorite students. This kid is absolutely adorable... Erin and I fight over which one of us he likes more. The other day as he was leaving my class he yelled back to me "I love you, babay!!!" Clearly, he likes me more.

This is Mart, another one of my favorite students. He's surprised me with both his art and singing abilities and he's always joking around with me.

All of my EP students gathered around trying to break this pinata... it took, literally, at least a half an hour! When they finally got it open, all of the candy was beaten to a pulp and they couldn't even eat it!

Check out this rockstar with some of her M2 students (non EP):

A few more of my regular program students and I!

And last (finally!) but not least, one of my favorite students and I. There's a group of 4 girls and 3 TINY boys in her class that are my absolute favorite FAVORITE students (out of all 930 of them!). They are 7 of the funnest kids in the world... they're in my very last class on Friday afternoons and I always come to their class completely exhausted. Somehow though, they always manage to keep me smiling for the entire period. Because of them, there hasn't been a single Friday that I haven't left school in an amazing mood! Unfortunately my pictures with the rest of them came out blurry, but look at me all decked out in old maid Thai clothes. And she's reppin' the good 'ol US of A. We switched!

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