Sunday, August 29, 2010

My first day in Bangkok

After all these months, I finally made it to Thailand! I've even picked up a few Thai phrases in the few short hours I was out and about. I don't know what else to say except that I absolutely LOVE it here already!

My very first taste of street food in Thailand... FINALLY! I don't know what it's called but it's kind of like a crepe shell (that tasted similar to a fortune cookie) with a creamy, custardy, bright orange filling.

And my second taste of Bangkok street food...

The guy didn't speak a word of English, so I just chose the one that looked the oddest. Too bad it was just crab! But he deep fried it and it was so moist and delicious, so I couldn't be disappointed at all.

The street is literally lined with vendors- HEAVEN.

Of course I've already been to the food store. That's always one of my first stops when I go to a new country. I'm so interested in seeing the different products they have, and the different packaging they have for the things that we have at home too.

Thai Coke!

Wild dogs who wouldn't stop barking at me! Good thing there was a fence separating us.

There's a 'complex' (for lack of a better word) of what I think are Buddhist temples right on my block. They're SO elaborate and pretty!

Am I even allowed to take pictures of these things?

A little surprise my parents snuck into my luggage... thanks Mom and Dad!

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