Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Still loving it here!

School (!) started, so I don't have as much time for pictures, but here area few I took on our lunch break today.

I've been seeing these being sold by street vendors everywhere, so I decided to finally go ahead and try them, despite not knowing what they were. Luckily, they were delicious! It's sticky rice flour stuffed with pork and a red paste, and they were nice an sweet. It's actually a Thai snack food called sa gu say mu but to my surprise, they really filled me up for lunch!

We took a sort of boat taxi across the river that's right by our hotel. It's attached to wires at the top and there's a guy on one side of the river that petals to make it go back and forth! And it only cost 2 baht, which is a whopping 6 cents.

The other side of the river was just a maze of houses. We felt like we were intruding so we left pretty quickly, but what we saw was pretty awesome looking. It was kind of slummy and how I picture people living in Thailand, which was really interesting to see. This sign pointed us back to the boat.

We had arts and crafts time in class yesterday so we'll be able to make traditional Thai crafts with our students on the holidays. Everything was made out of different parts of a banana! We made little fish out of banana leaves and we also made krathong, which you put candles and incense in. They're made for a big holiday in November, and you put them in the rivers and they float!

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