Saturday, September 11, 2010

Another Saturday Successfully Sanuked

Today is Saturday, which means lots of sanuking with In Search of Sanuk! So I traveled all the way across Bangkok only to get a migraine the second I got off the train. I was so upset that I wouldn't get to see the kids today... I had been looking forward to it all week! But, literally moments before everyone started to arrive, my migraine started to disappear and I was able to spend another fabulous Saturday with Dwight & Co!

I didn't realize until after I got home what an effect the migraine had on my picture taking abilities! But a wonderful day is a wonderful day and it should still be shared.

I love to see these kids smile =)

Juice, please!

This boy kept asking me to take his picture but he wouldn't sit still!

The kids absolutely ADORE Dwight!

The morning class in Yommarat. Complete with Usna and everything!

I think this is the most precious thing I have ever seen...

You'd be surprised at how well even the youngest kids can speak English!

I always try to get candid shots but they always catch me at the last second.

Everyone loves snack time!

These kids are definitely NOT shy.

The afternoon class in Pinklao...

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