Saturday, September 18, 2010

A day of SANUK before leaving Bangkok

I'm leaving Bangkok in the morning but I couldn't leave before sanuking one last Saturday first! It's only been a few hours and I'm missing those kids already. Luckily, I'll only be living about an hour and a half bus ride outside of Bangkok so I'll be able to come back for a few Saturdays here and there!

A is for Apple...

The morning class at Yommarat.

Some early morning vocab...

This girl was making the most disgusted faces while eating this cookie... she told me she didn't like it, but she refused to stop eating it!

Everyone loves snack time!

Someday, I WILL see this girl smile!

The kids running home down the train tracks after our class... these little shacks are there houses. I still have trouble wrapping my head around the idea of people actually living like this.

These are the mot beautiful little girls I have ever seen. Someone's not very happy though!

Brushing up on some vocab...

I LOVE this little girl.

I say it every week, but THESE KIDS ADORE DWIGHT.

The afternoon class is a group of budding photographers...

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