Friday, September 3, 2010

Dinosaurs and Lumphini Park

Some more lazy pictures but hey, it's really the content that counts, right? Last night, a few of the other girls and I went to Lumphini Park and then out around there after. It was definitely a good time, to say the least!

My first time on the BTS... it's SO much nicer and cleaner than the subway in New York!

At Lumphini Park... this is apparently a really popular sport here in Thailand, but of course I already forget what it's called.

These dinosaurs (aka monitor lizards) just casually walk all around the park. They're HUGE! I don't think 4 feet long is an exaggeration at all. We were afraid they were going to eat us, but they were actually really calm and slow.

Being badass from a safe distance. I was afraid to get too close...

Being good little American tourists!

The usual...

This guy was awesome

One of my new favorite fruits- custard apple! I'm getting so spoiled over here with the food! And everything, for that matter.

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