Tuesday, September 14, 2010

When did "double line" and "affective filter" become a part of my everyday vocabulary?

Today we had our second teaching practice at the Somapa School. We had a class of 9 to 11 year olds and I taught them about different jobs. These kids were ridiculously smart and SO into learning! I still can't believe how strong their English skills were. Needless to say, I had another great teaching experience today. Just a few minor things I need to work on but I got a good evaluation, and overall I'd say it was a complete success!

So attentive!

All smiles =)

Disco, rap... I like cowboys? One of the other teachers taught a lesson about music. One side of her vocab cards had different types of music, and the other side had a sentence explaining why a person might like that genre.

Doing my warmer with the kids. We played Word Jumble, where I scrambled up the letters of some vocab they learned earlier in the day, and two teams had to race to unscramble each word first. They really enjoyed it and I was so impressed with how good they were. They were able to figure out some words before the other teachers in the back of the room!

Teacher Brie!

I look like one of the kids! No wonder people laugh when I tell them I'm a teacher...

It's a great feeling when the kids have such a positive reaction to your lesson.

This girl was adorable... and her name was Best...

Tomorrow we're going back to this school one last time. I'll be teaching the same age group again, but this time my lesson will be about shopping. I've got my lesson plan and materials all prepped and ready to go! My vocab includes 7 eleven and slurpees... how can it not be a fun lesson!?

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