Monday, September 13, 2010

Harry Potter is ... hot?

Today was my first experience teaching a real class in a classroom- it was a class of 7-9 year olds at a school here in Bangkok. I was expecting to be super nervous going into it, but I was surprisingly calm and excited. I couldn't have asked for it to have gone any better... the kids were amazing and SO smart! They were quick to catch on to new activities and the vocab I taught them, and they were very well behaved. I had so much fun with them and I got a great evaluation from my observer! He told me I was a natural at teaching, I was confident and engaging, and that the kids seemed to be very comfortable with me.

Unfortunately, my nice Lumix had to stay at home today since the shutter is pretty loud and likely to distract the kids. I had to settle for taking photos with my old canon (which I now think is a horrible camera in comparison) and my iPhone, of all things!

It was so great to have a group of kids who were so excited to learn and participate. They were the PERFECT first class.

Playing a modified version of duck, duck, duck, goose. Instead of ducks and geese, the kids were monkeys and tigers in order to make the game fit my lesson- things in the jungle.

I taught the kids the Banana Song, which went over amazingly well and I plan to teach this song to every class I ever have. The kids thought it was hilarious and I think it helped them feel nice and comfortable with me. And yes, I voluntarily sung and danced first thing on a Monday morning. Also, please take note of the date on the board. It is the 13rd of September.

Starting my vocab lesson! I taught them that monkeys climb, tigers roar, and elephants are big.

Alexa teaching her lesson about sports

Another teacher's lesson was "Under the Sea"...

The kids learning some "Under the Sea" vocab

The students working on a puzzle

These kids were SO cute!

One of the other teachers taught a lesson about superheroes. She taught the kids that Harry Potter is magical. To learn the vocab, the kids repeat the sentence after the teacher. Well, one little girl- a 7 year old- apparently has her own views on Harry Potter. She made it a point to tell that teacher that Harry Potter is VERY hot! I have a feeling I'm going to love this teaching thing.

Tomorrow I'll be teaching 9-11 year olds about jobs. If it goes half as well as today's lesson went, I'll be a happy camper =)

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